Alligator Turnover
Alligator Turnover 2nd View
Alligator Turnover_Detail #1
Burial of Taking Energy of the Floor
Taking Energy from the Floor
Lion's Foot (AKA Leaner)
Like a Dog
Belgian Fish
Waking Head
Head on Hand
Blue and Pink
Blue and Pink (Back)
Italian Fountain
Artist's Footprint
This is Not What I Ordered
Forgetting Bull Head (Environment)
Chamberlain Prototype
Pie and Jug Development (#2)
Blue + Pink Kylix Vessel
Ship on Folder 2
Construction to Product
Stoic Jug Taking Shower
Stoic Jug Taking Shower (Detail)
Toll Collector
Wailing Well

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Wailing Well

Wailing Well is made entirely out of office paper and water. No adhesives or glue were used in the process. The base is ceramic tiles