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Angelo Kozonis

AKA Persia / Lo / Shows No Teeth

Born in Barrington, Illinois / Lives in Chicago

Lived in Baltimore & Attended

Maryland Institute College of Art 

If you have ideas about collaboration: 

Open to making, editing, and acting in videos

Open to snail mail drawings and writing 

Will pay (good hard cash) for illustration work and graphic design work 

Grants & Awards 

Maryland Individual Artist Award                  2016, 2019

for Works on Paper


Ford Fellowship Grant Recipient                            2008

Researched Welfare in Galesburg, IL

Learned firsthand the difficulties welfare recipients face when applying for services and the 'divergent tactics' that are instituted to make getting services that much more difficult.

The realization I came away with is this:

How do we expect people to live off welfare checks that are well below a livable income, while simultaneously punishing them if they make additional income?

How can a person ever participate in a democracy, if it is nearly impossible to escape poverty?

Dorothy Inness Stafford Award                        2008

Awarded to student with highest 

scholastic average in American History      

Accomplishments from a Lion's Heart



MICA MFA Rinehart School of Sculpture       2014-2016


Knox College                                                 2005-2009

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and History 



Work Experience 

Writing and Presentation Tutor                       2016-2019   

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

I would have done this job for free. Helping people write is one of my callings in life, even though I, too, have much to learn in that field. 

Construction Manager                                    2010-2014

Amcraft Construction

Initiated Sustainable Recycling Practices

for discardable construction materials:

carpet, paper, carpet pad, paint

Found Competing Carpet Businesses and recycled over 200,000 sf. of carpet from FAA Headquarters

Metal Scrapper, Painter, Carpet & Base Installer

Negotiator of the Highest Order

High School Gymnastics Coach                    2009-2014                 




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